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Bloom Baby, Bloom!

Flower Remedies are based on plant vibrational medicine

Service Description

You will have a tailor-made remedy using the Bach Flower remedy system, which is composed of 38 essences made from flowers. Incredibly powerful, these remedies are completely safe for all ages and non-addictive with no side effects. These remedies may be administered regardless of physical condition or disease with no contraindications to any medications. Using them helps bring one to a place of ease and calm within. If you are out of sorts and wish to feel more balanced, grounded and calm there is a remedy specifically for you to help you return to a clearer more centered place of peace and stability. How do the sessions work ? We can have an in-person consultation, speak on the phone or meet online so I can help determine what remedies are most appropriate. We will speak comfortably and candidly about your current situation in life, a bit about your history, family and relationships so I may better understand YOU. With the information gathered, I can then make a remedy tailored to your needs. Your remedy will come in liquid form in a 30ml bottle and it will last around 3 weeks. The initial session would be one hour (or thereabouts) and follow up sessions can also be arranged. Fees: Initial Consultation- 1.5 hrs- $110 Follow-Ups- $50 Remedies- $20 Note: My work is not intended to replace the conventional medicine, but rather to complement it in your healing process. For physical and/or mental illness or disease, always consult a qualified physician or therapist. There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary.

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