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Creature Comforts

Our pets are teachers, messengers and reflections

Service Description

I adore all animals! They are a blessing in this human experience and cannot be overlooked anymore than the importance of breath. Our sidekicks or "tiny angels" are the focus of this session as we delve deeper into their struggles and how best to work with them for a "purr-fect" show of love that will last during your time together. Don't be surprised when your own "stuff" shows itself as the culprit. Price $80- 45 mins To book this session with me, click "Let's Talk" or fill in the form below. Note: My work is Spirit driven, non-invasive and is not intended to replace the conventional medicine, but rather to complement it in the healing process. These therapies may identify energy imbalances, cause emotional disturbances or affect the physical body by way of headaches or exhaustion. Energy work is not a diagnostic tool. For chronic pain or illness, it is recommended that you consult a veterinarian. There is no guarantee of specific results and results will vary. Your pet's comfort and well-being is of utmost importance, and your feedback is always encouraged. While I try my best to share in a gentle manner, messages are downloaded and delivered according to Spirit.

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