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Deborah Ledon
Energy Worker - Spiritual Guide - Animal Reiki
To empower and awaken, one soul at a time!


I'm Deborah. 

I'm an energy worker and spiritual guide who assists individuals on how to align with their truths.

Through intuition, wisdom and creativity, my purpose is to spark BOLDNESS!

There is power in purpose when it is born out of passion. Let's discover where it is that your joy lies and reveal what Spirit asks of you.


I'd love to be your personal cheerleader! 

What sets your soul on fire?

I look forward to working with you.

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Here's How I Can Help You

  • Clear low vibrational energies and regain harmony

    1 hr 30 min

    110 Canadian dollars
  • Insight and understanding through an intuitive reading and channeling ...

    1 hr 30 min

    90 Canadian dollars


"I did not want, at all, to talk to Deborah Ledon. My best friend suggested/ arranged it and I agreed because it had been asked of me by my beloved friend, and I listen carefully to offered opportunities. I was foggy, heavy, burdened and ill, and had no idea as to Deborah's abilities.  

Well, surprise, surprise and thank you, Creator! We have had three conversations to date. She read me like a book, within moments, gave me homework, offered deep insights and sent me on my way to report back once the work had been done. And yes, I had resistance. 

Through the generous help of this gifted woman, my life has turned around completely and while I cannot give her all credit, Deborah was certainly a huge piece of an important transformation that has been a very, long time coming. When in the company of someone who communes with spirit, we see our own divinity reflected clearly. 

If Deborah's work resonates with you, do not hesitate to share time with her. The exercises she gave me to do helped me to regain my laser focus and deepen my Self-Love immensely. After working with her, I felt like a rock star and a miraculous child of God. Which we all are.

Peace to you on your journey." 

Elizabeth W.- New Brunswick 


"Deborah is truly gifted. Always kind and compassionate, she delivered the messages she was given for me without filtering or judgement of any kind. The details she provided have allowed me to review several recent issues and bring them to a close that will ultimately benefit everyone involved. That, in itself, is a gift. It was such a pleasure to have her as guide and messenger and I am happy to recommend her to anyone with an open heart and mind."

Marjorie T.- Ontario

"I recently experienced a Reiki session with Deborah Ledon and found it very powerful.  Deborah took great care to ensure I was comfortable with everything and moved around the table in a way that didn't distract me from my relaxed state.  We had a very heart-felt discussion afterwards regarding what she perceived during our session and she had great and very helpful insights to share with me.  I felt lighter and more balanced afterwards and am very grateful for her gift!  Thanks Deb!"

Angela O.- Ontario

"Deborah is an informed, elegant speaker, always well prepared for each coaching session, able to respond to all questions from the floor easily & skillfully with humour to keep it light. I am very impressed with the quality of Deborah's work & highly recommend her for any "Performance Coaching" needs you may have."

Marly Z.- British Columbia

"I just wanted to reach out to say "thank you". I was there with my friend on Saturday and met the most beautiful and light soul I've met in a long time. I'm not 100% but I think overheard her name being Deborah- and I believe I was there that day specifically because I needed to meet her. I've been to many metaphysical shops but this was the first time the person behind the counter was the real deal. A true light in this crazy world, and I needed to hear what she had to say to me. So thank you for hiring her, and thank you to that lovely sister for telling me what I needed to hear."
J. W.- Ontario

"The energy work I received from Deborah was absolutely amazing. 

Her presence alone is very loving, warm and welcoming. I felt very comfortable and at ease. Very friendly and professional. During the reiki I could feel the energy of spirit entering my body and removing all negative blocks . Surprisingly to us both, using her skills and source, a dark entity was removed from my solar plexus that I was unaware I even had. We discussed what had happened after in a beautiful heart to heart moment. Since then I feel like a new person. I am glowing, have more self confidence and feel healthier. I am so grateful to have had energy work done and I truly recommend Deborah to everyone . Do it! It will change your life."

Alex M.- Ontario 

"I am so glad that the universe guided me to meet Deborah. She has changed my life and the lives of those who I love the most with her healing and channeling. She has helped both my partner and I to heal ourselves so that we can both show up in our relationship as the best versions of ourselves. She provides a safe place to rest and reset your energy to prepare the spirit for deep healing. I am so grateful for everything she does and recommend her energy work to everyone that I know. She always reminds me of how strong I am and helps me to stand strong and rooted in my power. "

Laura M.- Ontario 

When I first met Deborah, I was just beginning my battle through family court with my abusive ex, and I had just begun a new job. I was constantly upset, stressed, sad, confused, and questioning myself and my abilities as a mother. My self esteem was low enough for me to simply accept the mediocre life I was living.

Deborah helped me see my life and experiences in a new light, one where I was able to fully understand that my ex wanted nothing more than to cause a reaction out of me at every opportunity for the simple fact that he would remain relevant in my life, among other things. She believed in me enough to help me find the way out of the cycle I was stuck in and built me up to be the strong woman I am today; a force to be reckoned with.

Little by little, she helped me realize that my life was about more than just my abusive ex and the toxic environment I was working in. I began thinking deeply about what my passion was, and what I could achieve by putting the time and energy into achieving it. Since I was a child I had always dreamed that I would one day run my own business, and with all of the confidence she helped me find in myself, all of the business advice, marketing strategies and constructive feedback she has given me, and simply knowing that I have her there rooting for me every step of the way, I was able to achieve my dream.

Deborah helped me realize that it was time for ME to make ME happy and that I should not accept or settle for mediocre! I am my best self.... and this is the version of me that I was always destined to be.

Natasha R.- Ontario

My first experience with Reiki power was a beautiful one.  Deborah’s hands felt warm enough to thaw any barriers to reaching my full, unconfined potential.
Every movement made to clear my energy centers was received with a smile, since I could feel nothing but happy vibrations going through my body.  The smile I emitted came naturally from within, as if I had no control of it!
A sound bowl had waves of energy coursing through me, like the waves produced by a powerful ocean.  This is something I had never experienced in my life before.  Again,  I was very pleasantly surprised by the physical sensations going on within my session.
After we were finished, and I was, once again, firmly rooted, I made a point of writing down anything that I felt should be remembered.  I highly recommend doing this; every time I reread my notes, I realize that it’s important not to forget each detail.
Some of my previous difficulties seem to be draining away from me, and I find that now every day it’s easier to change my thought patterns.   This is very important for releasing the past and moving forward into an enabling lifestyle….to create a bright, clean slate for the future to fill.
What a wonderful experience I have had, and so I share with you my takeaway – this was the best birthday gift I could ever have given to myself!
Thank you, Deborah, for helping to make my shine more brilliant!!!

Sandy S.- British Columbia

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