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Why boldness leads to success

Where we start is never remotely close to where we end up. As souls having a very earthly experience, none of us are exempt from this phenom and thankfully so. The adventures that await are always so much more than what we could have imagined.

I'd like to share an article I'd written for a magazine a little while back. In it, I describe what my then 2 year old self experienced when my family fled Cuba on that dark night.

Despite all that could have gone wrong that night, my parents decided to escape along with the other families and the criminals that filled most of the airplane. I stopped, pulling back on my father’s hand as he tried to pull me towards that giant black, roaring monster in front of us. I couldn’t understand why people were running towards the mouth that would crunch down and eat them up any second now. I could hear nothing but the monster’s roar. Without slowing his pace, my father quickly scooped me up and onto his shoulders as he continued towards the beast, my fat (pregnant) mother ahead of us.

Terrified, crying, and sitting high on his shoulders, I moved closer to the hulking, shaking form in the dark. We entered the blackness as the steel jaws closed down.

The plane shot into the night sky–bursting at capacity with all the other desperate people, our lives hanging in the balance. We flew from our beautiful palm trees and warmth to a cold, snowy land, into unfamiliar lives, unfamiliar futures. But we were luchadores, fighters.

“This is the start of my story, the start of what has been a most incredible, messy, horrific yet beautiful path. I hope that by sharing, I can inspire you upon your own journey or if you have yet to embark, that you at least pack an extra pair of underwear. This shit called "life" is about to get real!"

Deborah Ledon is a spiritual advisor, energy worker, an award-winning entertainer, songwriter, teacher, and speaker. Her extraordinary journey has been filled with passion, faith, painful endings, madness, and forgiveness. This is her story of taking chances, breaking free of familial expectations and those we set for ourselves. Of breaking the mold and learning to taking the high road, despite the monsters along the way. #thepositivetransformationcoach #intuitivehealer #positivetransformation #energyworker #lightworker #empath #intuitivecoach

Gal pal writer, obsessive reader and super all-round human being, Erin MacNair edited this article while making guacamole. Read more on Erin here: The Obtuse Angle

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